In recent weeks, I’ve been in a throwback tunes mood at work. From Shania Twain to Phil Collins, my office days have been filled with some of the best songs from my childhood. When S Club 7 came up in my personal “oldies” mix, I was so excited (like dancing in my desk chair excited). I don’t know about you, but as a kid, I had an after-school ritual: come home, grab a snack, and catch a show or two on Disney or Fox Family (a.k.a. ABC Family, a.k.a. Freeform). My go-to show was always S Club 7 In Miami.

If you’re not familiar with S Club 7, they’re a seven-piece pop band from the U.K. In addition to their musical talents, they starred in a TV show on Fox Family where they essentially played exaggerated versions of themselves/their band. It was lighthearted and fun, just like their music (and what pre-teen wouldn’t love a show starring a group of silly pop stars with English accents?).

The group went through a variety of lineup changes and ultimately split up in the early 2000s (ed. note: they reformed in 2014!), but I never stopped listening to their albums. Each one has a variety of heartfelt ballads and upbeat bubblegum pop tunes. Even though their lyrics are less-than-stellar, they’re easy to remember! Knowing every word and each member’s parts after all this time (17 years, to be exact) just adds to the easygoing, fun vibe I remember loving about S Club 7 as a kid.

So without further ado, I share with you a playlist of the best ballads and jams from S Club 7. Now who wants to get their S Club Party on with me?

Track Listing

  1. Reach
  2. Never Had A Dream Come True
  3. Don’t Stop Movin’
  4. It’s A Feel Good Thing
  5. Cross My Heart
  6. S Club Party
  7. Natural
  8. You’re My Number One
  9. Two In a Million
  10. Bring It All Back
  11. Lately
  12. Viva La Fiesta
  13. All In Love Is Fair
  14. Gonna Change The World
  15. Love Train
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