The “Horror Pack” Delivers A Scary Movie Night Right To Your Door

I am obsessed with subscription boxes—I’ve tried FabFitFun, Ipsy Glam Bag, Bookcase Club, and Owl Crate. I also love watching scary movies. So when I saw the opportunity to test out the Horror Pack, I jumped at the chance.

HorrorPack is a monthly movie subscription that sends you four new horror movies each month. There are Blu-ray and DVD options. At $24.99 per month (or less, depending on how many months you purchase), it’s priced in the same range as most subscription boxes.

I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly my box arrived—less than a week after I signed up for it. The package arrived in a solid box, and all the Blu-rays were wrapped in bubble wrap, which I appreciated. My one thought upon unboxing was that the packaging could use some work compared to other subscription boxes. All the ones I’ve tried come with a cute note or card that explain the contents and why they were picked, and I like that touch. But they’re horror movies, so I don’t think they have to be too fancy. It just adds to the experience for me.

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The contents

The first movie I pulled out was a movie called Night of the Demons. It has an IMDB rating of 4.7/10 stars. The description on the back describes it as “loud, brash, sexy and gory”—basically, all the stereotypical horror movie qualities that give scary movies a bad rap. It’s not my type, to say the least.

Next, I pulled out The Woman in Black, which is one of my favorite horror movies. So I was actually really excited to receive it, since I always wanted a copy. It completely makes up for the questionable first movie. It has an IMDB rating of a 6.4/10, but I’d give it an 8/10 easily.

The third movie was Rise of the Zombies. I’m not super into zombie movies, so I’m on the fence about this one. With an IMDB rating of 3.7/10, it’s not particularly promising. But I’m interested to give it a shot, at least to laugh at how terrible the acting is, if nothing else.

The fourth movie was actually a double feature of Hostel and Hostel II, which I thought was a pretty great added bonus. These movies are hard to watch, but they’ve always been on my list and are actually scary to me, so I’m pretty eager to finally watch them—and pleased with this addition. With ratings of 5.9/10 and 5.4/10, they may not be the most critically acclaimed, but I’ve heard good things.

Overall, this subscription actually seems like a good mix and balance of different movie types—it has cult horror, a zombie flick, a ghost story, and a thriller-horror. So it would make a good gift for someone who likes scary movies, since there will likely be at least one movie included that’s a total hit (even if some are a miss). At $24.99 a month for four Blu-rays, it also seems like a good deal price-wise. I would definitely consider purchasing it as a gift or for myself in the future. It would also be a fun, different way to have a movie night with friends or a significant other—you can order a one month subscription, enjoy the surprise inside, and make a marathon out of it.

Allie received a free Horror Pack box to review. All opinions however, are her own. 

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