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Give Gifts You’ll Feel Good About This Holiday Season

Give Gifts You’ll Feel Good About This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time when we give gifts to friends and family alike, but sometimes the shopping process can feel more stressful than generous. Stumped on what to get for someone on your list this year? Try a cruelty free or sustainable gift! There are gifts that “give back” for just about everyone you’re likely shopping for.

For the beauty lover

I find that beauty products are pretty easy gifts for friends or my sister, since most everyone likes or uses some kind of beauty product that’s a nice treat to unwrap. It’s easy to give beauty gifts you’ll feel good about, because there are tons of cruelty free makeup brands out there that are affordable and high quality.

2017 Cruelty Free Beauty Gifts

Julep Holiday Set, $28 / Tarte Lip Trio, $15 / Lush Christingle Body Conditioner, $27 / Lush Bath Bomb Set, $19 / e.l.f. Rose Gold Beauty Set, $16, Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange set (body butter, perfume, tinted balm), $18

I want to snatch up all of these cruelty free beauty gifts for myself, as they’re from some of my favorite, affordable beauty brands.

For the cook

I love to give gifts that are kitchen-related, because there are so many whimsical and fun options. Bonus points: they’re also practical! If you have a cook (or aspiring cook) in your life, gift them a sustainable utensil to use for their next kitchen endeavor.

Sustainable Kitchen Gifts 2017

Bees Wrap (reusable food wrap to replace plastic wrap), $14.99 / Silicone Baking cups, $6.99 and an organic cupcake kit $5.99 ($13 total) / Silicone reusable straws, $6.99,  and a locally sourced, hand blown glass, $15 ($22 total) / Locally sourced, hand painted ceramic spoon rest, $15 / Fair trade, organic olive oil, $15, and a silicone colander, $7.99 ($23 total) / Organic cotton dish cloths, $6.99, and cruelty free, hypoallergenic dish soap, $3.99 ($11 total)

For the person that’s always on-the-go

Everybody has a friend that’s always on the go—to work, to class, to volunteering, or jet-setting around the world. There are tons of sustainable gifts that are perfect for stashing in your favorite bag and taking wherever you’re headed off to. Give gifts that your friends will love and that give back to the world they’re traveling at the same time.

Gifts for those who are always on the go

Reusable snack bags, $7.99 each / Stainless steel water bottle, $17 / Reusable shopping bag, $9.99 / The Elephant Journal (locally sourced, handmade, recycled paper journal), $9 / Handmade, sustainable elephant coin pouch, $24 / Fair trade coconut lip balm, $3 / Fair trade headband, $12.99 / Fair-trade travel set (mask, earplugs, bag and pouch), $29.99

For the fashionista

Fast fashion is one of the biggest contributors to waste in landfills right now.  Luckily, many eco-friendly and fair trade clothing and accessory brands have entered the scene. That means there are lots of options for your fashionable friends. So you can give gifts that they’ll love and still feel good about it!

Sustainable Fashion Gifts 2017

Fair-trade, handmade ability bracelet, $8.99 / Shibori hand dyed scarf, $22 / Fair-trade arrowhead necklace, $24 / Fair trade woven fold over clutch, $29.99 / Hand-crocheted, locally sourced beanie, $30 / Socks that fight hunger, $15

For the one that needs to unwind

The holiday season can be stressful—especially for people who are already high strung (raising my hand over here). It’s highly likely that someone on your list could do with a little extra unwinding this winter. So, give them a gift to help them de-stress! I’ll be putting all of these suggestions at the top of my list this year, to help with all that unwinding I need to do myself.

Sustainable Gifts For Unwinding 2017

Eco-friendly, locally sourced dream journal, $15 / Organic, hand-picked chamomile tea, $15 / Upcycled, hand-dyed eye mask, $20 / Fair trade lemongrass soy candle, $18.99 / UNICEF organic fair trade blanket, $47.49 / Fair trade sea salt scrub kit, $18.99 /

Gift giving always feels good since you’re surprising someone you care about. But this holiday season, you can go one step further and give gifts that give back to the environment or local artisans around the globe.

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