5 Signs You May Need to Get Your Eyes Checked

By Chloe Moore

Your eyes are super sensitive and need to be looked after and protected. Eyes are susceptible to lots of different problems such as conjunctivitis, styes, blepharitis, ulcers and so much more, so maintaining eye health is really important.

Going for regular eye tests is recommended so that if there are any problems, they can be detected and treated promptly in order to avoid things such as loss of vision later down the line. Whether or not you wear glasses already, it’s important to book an appointment with an optician if you are experiencing anything out of the ordinary.

In this article we want to highlight just a few common symptoms to watch out for.

Blurry vision

This one might seem quite obvious, yet you would be surprised at how many people let this slide. Sometimes it can just pass and be a symptom of something else such as eye fatigue, which would just require a bit of rest in order to correct. If, however the blurry vision persists, you should definitely get it checked out.

Trouble seeing properly when driving

If you are struggling to see clearly whilst driving, you should absolutely have this seen as soon as possible, as not doing so could result in an accident. Although it’s important to stress that, while it might result in you requiring glasses for driving, there is always the chance that the issue is not with your eyes but the cleanliness of your car. For example, if your windscreen is dirty you may not be able to see through it clearly, especially at night time when passing cars light shines through. The dirt on your screen can refract the light in different ways making it much harder for you to see ahead.


Regular headaches could be signs of being far sighted or having astigmatism. So like all the other symptoms here, it is worth checking out if they persist. When related to eyes, headaches often occur when your eyes are straining a lot when trying to focus on different objects.

Adjusting from light to dark

Do you find adjusting your eyes from light to dark is taking longer than normal? This could indicate a need for glasses! Weakening of the muscles in the iris is normally the cause as it is harder for the iris to contact in the way it needs to in order to adjust. This is something that is more common with age, but can affect anyone at any point in their lives.

Double vision

Double vision can actually be an indicator of some rather serious eye problems such as cataracts, but can also be symptoms of other illnesses that are not eye related, such as diabetes or brain tumors. Of course, it could also be as little as being a bit over tired but if you are still experiencing double vision after getting some rest, then make an appointment at your local opticians to be on the safe side.

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