Eric is a proud member of a very extended family--one that doesn’t always understand what he’s up to these days, but supports him anyway. He graduated from his Houston high school with a diploma and an Associate’s degree (impressive, right?), graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in three years, and just completed a two-year master’s program at New Mexico Highlands University, where he wrote a creative writing thesis on the evolution of literary vampires. Shockingly, he has not been able to find a steady job with this knowledge. Eric likes to write fiction and is currently waiting to hear back from publishers about a manuscript he sent in. When he’s not writing about fake things, Eric enjoys talking about the elusive concept of Mexicanidad and what it means to be Mexican American in the United States. He is currently working on a memoir of sorts on his blog When he is not reading or writing, Eric spends his time avoiding small children. He does not always succeed.

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