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Have you considered going back to school?

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How Growing Up Too Fast Impacts Every Moment of Your Adult Life

Being forced to make adult decisions when you’re a child means you have to learn how the world works with your hands tied behind your back and blindfolded.

The Emotional Cost of My $5000 Boob Job

No one ever told me that having a boob job would make me detach myself from my physical body in a way I’d never experienced before.

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Opting Out of The Dating Game Made Me Love Being Single

Men tend to crave meekness. I don’t fit that mold, but I’m superficially pleasant enough to come across as such.

Once a person sees this, the given solution materializes: Fix Her. The problem is, I don’t see myself as a problem to be solved. I quite like existing exactly as I do, and no man is going to be the person to change that.

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I Was Assaulted During Childbirth

“Please stop! Please stop!” I begged the charge nurse helping deliver my son as she ignored my pleas, though her eye roll suggests she heard them.

Breaking Up with ‘Mia’

“Isn’t that the one where you make yourself puke?”