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Give Your Playlist A “Renovation”: New Music From Eric Leva

Give Your Playlist A “Renovation”: New Music From Eric Leva

Last month, we featured up-and-coming (and incredibly talented) singer/songwriter Eric Leva, and the premiere of his single, “I Should Know.” Eric is back and sharing new music with us in his latest release—“Renovation.” The song debuted this week on the Hello Mr. playlist, “Hello October,” which is available for streaming on Spotify today.

So what’s the story behind Eric’s song? Here’s what he had to say about the meaning of “Renovation” and his experience during the songwriting process:

“Renovation” is about how some environments and objects can trigger all kinds of memories and emotions. Sometimes we hold on to those memories and sometimes we have to let go. It’s an anthem for changing up your space and your life to make peace with hard times. But realistically it’s easier said than done. I wanted to make sure the song captured both of those elements—it thrashes around a bit and then resolves.

I had the title “Renovation” in my iPhone notes for a solid year before the right moment came along for the song to happen. I wrote all of the lyrics in about 20 minutes one day while eating oatmeal in my kitchen, seriously. I went back and put a piano part to it later that night. After that, I performed the song for about a year before I went to record it. When I took it to the studio, the two producers I worked with, Elliot Jacobson and Jerry Fuentes, wanted me to take the key higher to help make the song feel more anthemic and powerful. I remember feeling nervous for the choruses because I didn’t know if I could do it and because I was already so used to it being much lower. Once we went to cut the final vocal in the studio, I ended up with this one ad lib at the end of the track that was the highest I had ever sang in a recording. It was one of those moments where I walked out feeling like a better musician. I think the studio is where many artists make some of their most significant developments.

Want an inside look into Eric’s music and to ask some questions of your own? Join Literally, Darling on Monday, Oct. 6, at noon EST for a Twitter chat with Eric.

You can also catch Eric live at The Burren, opening for Kristin Cifelli, on October 19th at 8:00 PM in Somerville, MA. Don’t forget to join his mailing list for more updates on future performances in Boston, New York and other cities. We’re excited to see Eric perform his new music onstage!


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