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Your Go-To Playlist For Moody Mondays

Your Go-To Playlist For Moody Mondays

Mondays. I’ve got a bad case of them. It certainly doesn’t help that this time of year is generally a massive bummer—what with there being no holidays to look forward to, the weather being relentlessly lousy, and there being so few hours of daylight. I’ve tried all kinds of remedies to push out these winter blues—practicing yoga, listening to ocean waves while I work, packing lunches I look forward to, visiting friends and family in my free time—but sometimes that case of the Mondays is too tough to work through.

In the same way that a good cry feels like the greatest release, I really enjoy embracing my moody Mondays from time to time. It’s like wearing a familiar sweater or seeing an old friend you can sit comfortably in silence with. I let myself think slowly, I reflect on my weekend or the previous week, and I listen to all of my go-to sad songs.

This playlist is packed—we’re talking 100 hand-picked songs—with piano ballads, acoustic guitar, and a variety of vocal talent. So if, like me, you’re having just another ~Moody Monday~, hit shuffle and embrace it.


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Image Credit: Alan Labisch via Unsplash

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