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Aural Fixation: 10/14 (Music You Need To Know)

Aural Fixation: 10/14 (Music You Need To Know)

Good to be back, Darlings.

I’ve had a busy month, what with turning the big 2-5—a toss-up between gratifying/terrifying, as I’m sure almost all we twenty-somethings can attest.

Anyway, I like, can’t even talk about it. Quarter-life crisis pending. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I’ve got some great tunes to share with you all this week, from the latest glam-pop hot off the press to some smoother indie offerings for those who prefer to stick to the outskirts of Top 40.

Take a listen to some of my latest favorites below, and as always, let me know what you’re listening to!


— @Litzwich


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Katy Perry: “Walking On Air”

Following her truly entertaining performance of the song on Saturday Night Live this weekend, I couldn’t not include “Walking On Air,” the latest offering from Katy Perry‘s forthcoming record ‘PRISM.’ It’s an utterly fab-u-lous flashback to the ’90s house trend of yore, playing on my fragile millennial fondness for all things circa ‘Clueless’—and succeeding entirely. It’s flashy, glamorous, and fun, a record with the exact kind of levity needed to counterbalance the trend of dark drums and sparse production popularized on radio right now.

To listen to this week’s full playlist, click here or press play at the bottom of the page.

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Hunter Hunted: “End Of The World”

A deceptively sunny tune with personality, “End Of The World” is infectious indie rock through and through. It’s surely a missed opportunity for summer radio, but just the same, it’s perfect timing as people begin to miss summer and complain about the wetter part of the year. The lyrics are pretty striking (and ominous), lending the song a particularly lovely “nuclear beach” quality—perfectly suited for the opening shot of a film with a message and a sense of humor.

To listen to this week’s full playlist, click here or press play at the bottom of the page.

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Prince Of Spain: “Find Love”

For my mellow darlings, I’ve included Prince Of Spain‘s lovely “Find Love” this week. One of the things that I really enjoy about this track is that no matter how driving the instrumentation becomes, the guitar melody remains pleasant and totally soothing—the song never gets too “heavy,” if you will. There’s a folk-country tinge to this alt-indie selection, but not only does the track come together pleasantly, it stands up against much of its competition in the radio market. Sometimes less really is more.

To listen to this week’s full playlist, click here or press play at the bottom of the page.

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Icona Pop: “In The Stars” (Galaxy Mix)

From the same Swedish duo that brought us the radio megasmash “I Love It” (along with the assistance of Aural Fixation alum Charli XCX) comes “In The Stars.” It’s all fun and games until the über-catchy chorus—that hook’s serious business. It’s a modern dancefloor dream, with all the right retro space-y synths and the emphatic playground chant-sing that made “I Love It” so gratifying.

To listen to this week’s full playlist, click here or press play at the bottom of the page.

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Haim: “The Edge”

Listen, y’all, you’ve got to grab a copy of Haim‘s new record, ‘Days Are Gone.’ It’s true that I’m a lifelong Fleetwood fan and the three-piece sister band is heavily influenced by the ’70s dance-rock sound, but these girls are making some really excellent music. “The Edge” is no exception; like the girls’ other singles, it’s a crashing tide of familiar melodic phrasing with musical surprises. And those harmonies.


To listen to this week’s full playlist, click here or press play at the bottom of the page.

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Miley Cyrus feat. Future: “My Darlin'”

I’ll be reviewing Miley Cyrus‘ recently released record ‘Bangerz‘ (set to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200) in full this coming week, but I absolutely couldn’t wait to share this one. The decision to feature Future on “My Darlin'” is a dizzying success; the warped groan of his autotuned balladry is such an effective complement to Miley‘s raw, run-heavy vocals—almost like she’s duetting with a memory. The interpolation of one of the loveliest songs ever written gives a sensationally sentimental background for Miley to deliver an unexpected one-two punch with the rap-sung second verse. The track is timely, fresh, and a unique combination of influences that might surprise some of the singer’s harsher critics.

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I’d love to hear what you’re listening to.


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