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LD Holiday Giveaway!

LD Holiday Giveaway!

Hello darlings,

It’s been a big year for Literally, Darling. In May, we celebrated our first birthday—one whole year of nothing but an exact representation of our exaggerated selves. Just before that, we rolled out the Millennial Manifesto, a curated website chock full of articles telling the story of our generation. We redesigned our entire site, brought on countless new writers, and enjoyed every single day getting to know each other and our audience. To our delight and surprise, we’ve built more than just an online magazine—we’ve created a community of smart women with big ideas and bigger personalities who support each other, through our stories and yours.

If you’re a numbers person, here are some facts that might interest you:

  • LD hit 1,000,000 views in our first year
  • Our staff has grown to over 40 staff members and hundreds of guest writers
  • We’ve published over 1,400 articles
  • Over 150 countries read LD

All in all, 2014 has been a pretty spectacular year, and we’re already plotting ways to make 2015 even better. And guess what? It’s all thanks to you, darlings! To say thank you, we’ve put together a very merry contest.


  • To enter this year’s holiday giveaway, submit the funniest, cutest, zaniest pet picture you have to [email protected] All pets – furry, feathery, scaly, or otherwise – are welcome. We will be collecting photos until midnight on December 6th.
  • We’ll post the photos in an album on Facebook.
  • Everyone will vote by liking their favorite picture (or pictures). You must be a fan of the FB page to vote!
  • The photo with the most likes will win!
  • The winner will be announced on Friday, December 12.


The winner will receive a package full of LD goodies! Here’s a sneak peek at some of the gifts we’ll send your way:

  • David’s Tea Extravaganza
  • Aural Fixation CD of your choice
  • LD Swag
  • …and more!

Check out some photos of our pets for inspiration:

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Michelle hails from Delgadia, which is wherever she happens to be at the moment. When she was six years old, her parents were too busy to read Harry Potter to her all day, so she started reading them herself and never looked back. Film, television, and literature all compete for her love and attention, but the truth is that any form of storytelling captivates her, particularly if that story is "The X Files." She is currently writing a thesis on broken families in postmodern literature. You can find her telling stories online, in print, and over the airwaves.
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